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Can't access most synced credentials


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When I first installed Enpass for Android and synced it with my Google Drive backup, I was only able to access 6 of the 30 stored credentials (instead of the 10 minimum for unregistered users). When I logged in with my Enpass account, my access was only increased to 11 of the 30 items. Pretty frustrating for a product I paid for.

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Hey @makewavesnotwar

Welcome to the forum!

Sorry for the unpleasant experience and this is really strange.

Please take the backup of Enpass data first and then reinstall Enpass again using the same email account from which you registered the Enpass app. To take the backup and reinstall, you can follow the below steps-

  • Open Enpass > Settings > Advanced > Backup > On device > Select folder (where you want to save) > Done
  • Now re-install Enpass and open it (welcome screen will appear) > Click on ‘Restore Existing data’ > Click on ‘Local storage’ under Backup file --> Select the location and folder of file(which you saved locally) --> Click on Continue --> Enter master password (same you using previously)--> Tap on 'Continue'.

If you are still getting 25 items limit, please let us know along with device detail.


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