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Strange behaviour (Bug?)

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I'm not starting to use Enapas on my Macbook pro as well. 

Sometimes when i open Enpas from the notification area (Windows) and now from the topmenu (on OSX) i use the short command (Command+E) to open the full view. 

On Windows when i authenticate using Windows Hello (TouchID) using the mini view and then open the full view using (CTRL+E) then i dont have to authenticate again since i have already done so.

On MAC however its not working correctly. When i authenticate in mini view and open the full view it ask me to authenticate once more. Why?

It is really annoying to be honest. And the worst is that it dont accept touchID directly, just like windows i have to click on the icon to the right side to even prompt for touchID. This seems like a bug to me. It cant be the expected behaviour? 

My OSX is Catalina and 6.4.2 for the app which is the latest. 


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