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Duplicate item with two similar urls

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thank you for great work you do!

I have some items which has two similar url fields. For example github.com:

When I am trying to login github browser extension show me item twice. I was confusing to choose first time, because items look equal.

Is that behavior normal? Can I do something to see only one item (except make item contains only one url)?

MacOS 10.10.5, Enpass 5.2.1, Chrome 51.0.2704.79 (64-bit)

I attached screenshot such situation.


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When pressing Ctrl + / I normally get that the login details are put in place in the right box. But sometimes it happens that two entries for the same site appear, both with the same details. So I need to select either one first before the fields are filled. In the desktop application I only see one entry for this site, so why is it shown twice?

Running the latest version on two Windows machines and one Android phone (in test) with Dropbox sync, haven't tested the Android enough to see if it also occurs there.


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