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Restore from backup or cloud failing


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Having no luck setting up Enpass on a new laptop when trying to restore from my previous pc. I have tried the backup restore method and I receive "Internal Error -995" and when trying to restore. When I try from my cloud (dropbox) account I receive password and/or key used are incorrect and I am certain both are correct. I am open to suggestions and thank you for assisting. Kind Regards. John

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Hey @ride2liv

Welcome to the forum!

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Please share some more info so that we can check further-

  • On which device and OS version are you having this issue?
  • Which Enpass version are you using on all of the devices?
  • Are you able to access Enpass data on any other device?
  • A screenshot of the issue, if possible would be great.


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Windows 10 Screenshot Attached, Enpass downloaded from windows store.

Dropbox restore error screenshot attached

Backup restore screenshot attached.

I am 100% certain both the password and keyfile are correct as well. please advise and thank you for the help. 

system info.png

Dropbox Restore.jpg

Backup Restore.jpg

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Have you tried to type the password in notepad? Your keyboard may be in the wrong keyboard layout.

Did you used enpass 5 on previous pc and now trying to run it on enpass 6?

Just checking....

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I am certain it was entered correctly. using word to type, verify and copy paste. Good thought thank you. Its something with Enpass I think. Seems there are others with the same issue throughout the forum. have a great day tremor

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