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Keyboard shortcuts are unreliable


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There is a nasty bug that makes the use of Enpass cumbersome (tested on both Windows and macOS). Namely, keyboard shortcuts to copy the password, user name, or URL. I usually use the one for copying password (on macOS it is Shift + Command + P), so let me concentrate on it. The steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Option + Command + P (this is my shortcut for opening Enpass Assistant),
  2. Type any text to filter items,
  3. With arrow keys select the one you are interested in,
  4. Press Shift + Command + P to copy the password.

You should expect to have your password copied to clipboard, but in some cases it just doesn't work. You can repeat the steps or press the shortcut keys ten times, but it makes no effect until you right click the item and copy the password manually.

I will be grateful if you have a look at it. Thank you!

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Hey @Mariusz

Could you share the below info:

  • What time have you saved in Enpass clipboard settings? To check, open Enpass Settings > Security > Clear clipboard content.
  • Any particular login item for which does not work consistently?
  • Keyboard layout on your MacOS.
  • Language of Enpass and the system language you're using.

Thanks for the co-operation.

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I would like to give you any more details about the issue, but I have no idea in what circumstances it occurs.

  • It doesn't affect any particular item. It's a general issue.
  • My keyboard layout is American (as far as the physical keyboard is concerned). The installed keyboard in the OS is Polish pro.
  • Enpass UI is in Polish.
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Hey @Garima Singh

I think I'm able to reproduce the issue now. It seems that copying passwords from the assistant does not work until you go to the details of any item on the list.

  1. Quit Enpass and restart it,
  2. open assistant (I do it with a key combination),
  3. search for an item by typing a phrase in the search field,
  4. select any matched item on the list (by keyboard or by mouse click),
  5. press Command + Shift + P to copy the password of the item.

And during my tests the password is not copied. To make it work properly you have to open the details of any item first.

I have an impression that the details view is not created until you open it for the first time, and maybe it is responsible for catching key presses?


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@Pratyush Sharma, sorry, it didn't show up on the updates page of macOS, so I thought I had the latest version installed. I updated it to 6.5.0 (700) now, and I can still reproduce the issue, but in slightly different steps. Basically the password is copied correctly now when you select an item by mouse cursor or by arrow keys, but not when it is auto selected as you type a filter phrase.

  1. Quite and restart Enpass (required),
  2. Open assistant,
  3. type a phrase,
  4. press Command + Shift + P to copy the password of the selected item.

The thing is that as you start typing, the first item is always selected blue. When you type a phrase that selects the appropriate item for you, it is natural that you don't select it manually (it's already blue). This is the case when the key combination still fails.

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Hello, @Garima Singh!

I noticed that you added a very nice feature recently, that is the small pop-up notification ("Copied to clipboard") on copying a password by a keyboard shortcut. This way you know whether the password was actually copied or not. Would you consider adding similar notifications for the other two available shortcuts (copy user name, copy URL)?


Best regards,


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