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Add favorites on top of autofill list

Jonas EnP

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If a search for URL fails on autofill, Enpass shows the full list of all my passwords. 

Please show my favorites on top there instead on A, B, C... on top. 

Favorites are just shown if I open the full app, they also should be shown in the autofill list.  

see app view and autofill list here below. 

App view shows favorites and password autofill needs the favorites on top (this feature request)



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There are some apps on iOS which don't send a URL or an identifier, so that Enpass is not detecting the correct credentials for autofilling automatically. That's why you have to search for the entry in autofill suggestion.

When opening the iOS app, my favorites are shown directly on top of the list.


But when trying to autofill credentials from an app, my favorites are not shown.


It would be helpful in autofill suggestion if my favorites would be shown on top also.

Could you implement / fix this please?

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