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Using TOTP Enpass started to crash


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Hi @lautrivta

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’re facing in using TOTP on UWP. Can you please help us with the following details 

  • Device on which you’re using Enpass (with the version number of Enpass and OS).
  • Is the sync ON? If yes, then does turning it off stops crashing?
  • Is the system time same on your UWP device and desktop App (the one with the browser extension)? TOTP can vary if the time on the devices is different.

The other thing to figure out is, if the presence of any single TOTP or a particular one is creating problem. For that you have to start adding them again one by one and observe after adding which one, it starts crashing. Meanwhile please revert to us with the reply of above queries and we will also start looking into it.


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