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Accessibility Service and Lag


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Recently started using a password manager and I've been combing through the available options trying to find the one that is best for me. It looks like Enpass is likely to be the best option for me; however, one thing I noticed today when firing up a rather long page of commits on github is that when the accessibility service for Enpass is on, the page stutters and stops every few seconds for a few seconds. ( example ) This makes scrolling through a very long page rather difficult and cumbersome.

I tried the same using LastPass's service and didn't encounter the same behavior.

I then stumbled upon these issue reports and they had some advice for developers on how to better use the service. It seems last pass has implemented the advice, perhaps this is something you could add in as well?



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Hi @niayh,

Thanks a lot for choosing Enpass as your favorite password manager. I really appreciate that you spent your valuable time in reporting the problem in such a detailed manner. 

Actually we have already implemented the solution suggested in links provided by you but doesn't solve the issue. Thanks for bringing this into our notice. While testing we found that it happens in Chrome on surfing through lengthy pages (like one you mentioned) but doesn’t appears while you scroll through Twitter. Similar behavior was found in Lastpass when you enable the option ”Search for password fields in other apps". However, we are constantly trying to improve it and further suggestions are welcome.

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