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Enpass window remains visible after automatic program start


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I've set that Enpass is started automatically on system startup and I use Windows 10 2004 (latest version). Before the last Enpass update to version 6.5.0 (707) I had no problems with this feature. But now, after Enpass was started automatically when I start my computer, the window for entering the master password remains visible until I manually close it... Before that update, it appeared only for a few milliseconds and was closed immediately. Enpass then ran in the background - just as I would expect it to do when it was automatically started after system startup.

Is this an intentional feature in the new version or is it a (known) bug? I find it inconvenient that I always have to close the Enpass window myself after system startup.

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Yes, both options are enabled and I didn't change anything before or after the update. Now I disabled both options and enabled them again, maybe that has any effect. I'll test that and give you feedback here. Sometimes it works that Enpass immediately minimizes the app to the system tray, but most of the time it doesn't work. Before the last update I never had problems with this feature, back then it always worked fine.

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Unfortunately it didn't help. I'll continue to look if I can find out what the problem is or why I have this problem since the last Enpass update. Until then, if the Enpass window remains open after the automatic start, I'll close it manually.

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Hey @SVM

Please follow the troubleshooting steps and let me know if you have any queries-

  • Close the app (If running.)
  • Go to start menu
  • Type " Registry editor"
  • Click on Yes,
  • Go to this location: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Sinew Software Systems Pvt Ltd\Enpass
  • Delete Enpass folder.
  • Re-start the system and check.


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