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Primary and Secondary Vault synchronisation


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I have my primary and secondary vault that share copies of logins/etc... from the primary. I would like to have any updates and changes to any of the shared logins/etc... done on the Primary or Seconadary vault to be reflected to the other vault.

Can it be done and doing it manually is not the answer I am looking for:D ... it is a shared vault after all.

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I hope it gets considered... but in the meantime is there any workaround you can offer. Possibly a way to synchronise the 2 vaults outside Enpass.

For now, I had to add a comment on every shared entry to remind me that is shared and ensure I copy it over. But when I update a login on the primary vault and copy it over to the secondary vault it creates an additional login which is wrong. It should offer the option to overwrite the existing one or create a new one - just basic copy/paste rules. Can I at least have this function?

I seem to have more work and more to remember to do instead of having Enpass making my life easier...


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Hey @stavrich

Thanks for writing back.

If you copy the item of an vault to the another vault, then it will show two entries of the same item only if you have selected 'All vaults'. However, if you check in any particular vault(primary or secondary), then you will be able to see it as a single entry.

Also, sorry to say there is no other workaround and we have noted your request of sync two different vaults on the same device together.


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