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Dropbox Password of Data is Required. Incorrect Password.

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My dropbox file has a last modified date of 2020.09.28 0557 MST. This is happening with Enpass Desktop for macOS Catalina (v6.5.0-700) and Windows 10-1909 (v6.5.0-700), and for the iOS 14 App (v6.5.2-487). I can log into the app on any device, it will not sync. If I input the Master Password after hitting "Resolve Now", it says "Incorrect Password". However, if I go to change the Master Password (to the same one), it will allow me to do so successfully.

Before this issue started, I changed nothing, moved nothing.

There are at least two other reports on the forum of similar issues starting at about the same time. There is definitely something not right. Could be dropbox...

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So I looked at the version history of the sync file in Dropbox. The previous version was modified the same day at 0536 with the size of 7.3MB, which was a similar size to all the other previous versions, but the current version was 4.3MB.

I restored the previous version, and everything started syncing correctly again (I of course did a backup on each of my devices first).

I'm not sure what caused the trouble, but maybe this information will help you devs.


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Same happened here right now on Mac OS Big Sur and iOS 14.3, worked fine a couple of hours ago. On Dropbox Enpass is listed as authorized since 2018.

Did a backup and disconnected and reconnected the app from Dropbox on all devices, looks working right now but I can't figure out what could have triggered the error: no major changes in the last days, only apps working on background (both Enpass and Dropbox)

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