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Enpass crashes on export.


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I'm trying to export my password but the Enpass app crashes after 5-6 seconds when the export process starts. I was able to export my data ONLY in .txt form but cannot do so in .csv or .json format.

I'm using Windows 10, desktop app version is (traditional windows app) 6.5.1 (723).


Kindly push an update ASAP. How can you get this very basic feature wrong?!?



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and what I'm supposed to do in the mean time. It's already been 2 days. Please hurry up, I need my database. This is such a basic feature of a password manager. I've to admit, my overall experience with Enpass has been horrible. It always a hit and miss in Mobile Firefox and even in Windows, it's really slow and now this export incident.

@Pratyush Sharma

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Hey @pushkaryadav

We understand it's been inconvenient.

Our app will show the crash dialog on the next restart. Please try restarting the app and then share the crash report which appears. We would recommend you to put this forum post link or the issue in the report's description, it will be helpful for us to identify the issue. Thanks!

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