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Close assistant after copying password

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TL;DR: please make it default or an option to have the Assistant window automatically close after copying a password via keyboard - currently the only way to close it via keyboards seems to press the escape key twice (once for the bubble, once for the window to close)


I use the Assistant via keyboard in most cases:
I navigate to the password I'm looking for (using the arrow keys) and use the enter key to save it to clipboard - searching and navigating to passwords in the Assistant works pretty great btw :)

But what is annoying to me is that I have to press the escape key twice to close the Assistant after copying the password (it takes one Esc press for the "Copied to clipboard" info bubble to disappear and another one to close the Assistant)

It would be great if the Assistant would just close automatically after the password was copied (1Password does it like that, for example) - maybe as an option so the default behavior could remain as it is now? I actually would argue that it would make more sense to copy password and close the Assistant when Enter is used and to just copy but not close the Assistant when CMD+C is used.

Currently I'm using Enpass on my work computer and 1Password on my private devices and I have to say Enpass is pretty great, even in it's free Lite version :)



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Hey @Finerdly

Welcome to the forum!

We are glad to know that you are enjoying the app. We're always listening to our users and we try to make changes to the app based on the feedback, so thank you for getting in touch. I have noted down your valuable suggestion for further discussion and implementation.


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