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Feature request: retrieve secondary vault password from Enpass


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Recently, I reinstalled my PC and faced a usability issue when restoring Enpass.

I did create a few vaults, and I stored the password of those in my primary one. When setting up the secondary one, I am prompted for the password of the secondary ones, but I can't use Enpass to retrieve those - as I am already in enpass in a different menu.

I would need to either:

  • Copy/paste the vault password to an intermediate location
  • Retrieve the password from the browser extension

It would be really, really nice if Enpass would have let me chose the vault password; directly from the restore menu.

Keep on with the good work; enpass is awesome !

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Maybe even better: introduce a specific kind of entry that is recognized as a vault (containing password, webdav/dropbox/etc. settings) and can be mounted/restored with one click.

It should not be attached/restored automatically, though. But it would be nice if you can easily pick an already saved vault "reference" entry and just say "restore". (Or the other way around: when selecting to add an existing  vault, allow picking an entry from one of the already opened vaults that is then used to fill in the to be restored vaults.)

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