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[Bugfix] Enpass should ignore QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE


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since Qt 5.7, QGtkStyle is removed, so Qt applications don't look native anymore on the GNOME desktop. To fix this, I installed adwaita-qt5, which is a port of the default Gtk theme to Qt. I globally set QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=adwaita so all my Qt applications use the new theme.

Actually, Enpass isn't affected by this at all, as is uses bundled Qt 5.6 and uses QGtkStyle on GNOME per default. But settings QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=adwaita causes Enpass to try to load the Adwaita theme, which fails, and then it falls back to an Windows 95-like theme which is really ugly. The solution is to modify runenpass.sh, just add


somewhere before the exec statement. Enpass uses QGtkStyle again.

I would be pleased if this change would merged upstream :-)

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