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Q: moving record between cavouts

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That was more or less the information I´ve been looking for, too. Thanks for that!

Is there an easy way to move more than one entry?

Reason: I´ve been using Enpass all alone for several years and created 300+ entries. Now the rest of my family is going to use it as well with their own vaults and I want to move my personal entries from the standard vault to a personal one.


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Hi @Lothar,

Thanks for writing in.

You can move/copy the item in another vault once you select the particular vault on which the item is. (If you have selected ‘All Vaults’, then the option ‘Add to Vault’ will disable.)

21 hours ago, Lothar said:

Is there an easy way to move more than one entry?

You can currently move/copy more than one item from one vault to another on desktop devices only. To do so, follow the below steps:

  • Select the first item that you want.
  • Press and hold CTRL.
  • Select the next item that you want.
  • Tap on Add to Vault
  • Select the vault where you want to move/copy the item.
  • Tap on Move/Copy to add the item to the selected vault.

Hope this helps!

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