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Saving New Login with browser extension

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When entering a username and password for a new site not yet stored in Enpass when you receive the "Save as new login in Enpass" dialog message. If you dismiss with "Not now" is there a way to save using the extension without logging out and back in to the site for Enpass to detect? I know you can add using the PC client version but I could not find the option to manually add with the extension. I was using Firefox and I presume it would be similar for the other browser extensions.

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I just registered to say this is the feature I'm missing most right now. When I create new users on different websites, I want to be able to generate a new password within the browser, without having to open the native app. Also, I would slightly like to change @sdunnin's request. I do not want dialog popups, rather, I'd like to through the right-click Enpass browser menu to be able to notify Enpass before I submit the form that I want to "Save this instance of username/password combination to Enpass". Hopefully I make myself clear.

Other than that I would like to give you a huge big up for the work with Enpass! It's a great application


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