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Desktop Client 5.6.3 sometime crashes, sometimes empty


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Since desktop 5.6.2, desktop client sometimes crashes.

When i click "little enpass icon" on chrome, the app sometime closes itself, and i have to relaunch it and type my master password.

5.6.3 does'nt resolve this problem.


And 5.6.3 has another problem for me : sometime, when i want to fill nickname and password on a website, enpass is empty : no password at all, nothing in it. The only thing to do is close the app and launch it again...


All this is very annoying.


What do you think?

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Also having the issue a couple times a day with needing to restart Enpass because of an empty DB. (though mine doesn't crash)

Newest Macbook Pro and macOS

Not a huuuge deal, though it does make me a little nervous the passwords won't be there someday when I restart it..

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