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Audit pay-as-you-go Subscription Option


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How about a fixed one-time fee to see details of each single website Breach Alert, and, separately, a single lesser payment to see each identified 2FA-supported website? All non-subscribed Enpass 'pro' users can the see the Security Risk website numbers. Nice that Enpass can detect them.

I might pay the introductory $8.99/yr to find my 2 breached websites, and then quit before renewing, but the $23.99/yr reminds me of why I ditched LastPass password manager.

I definitely would pay a fixed amount, say $2, $3, or $4 for information of each instance of the (currently) anonymous websites that have been reported by Enpass. Monitoring and identification incur additional business expenses, so the yearly Audit subscription fee is understandable.

Enpass is awesome. Please make it more so by creating a pay-as-you-go Audit feature.

Mike in Denver

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