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There is a small bug in "Expire date" notice function.


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There is a small bug in "Expire date" notice function.
Today is 12th February 2021.

When set in data as "Expire date" selection, it results "Expired" in "Audit" area. <= bug

If set the below in "Expire date" selection, it results not expired. <= work properly

Some of date format of first figure recognized as Month instead of Date.

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The below issue is not a bug but inconvenient matter.

When select "Date" in "Field Type" area, it can select "date month year" style e.g., "19 Feb 2021" in either iPhone or android.
But selecting "Expire Date" in "Field Type" area, it can NOT select "date".  It appears only "month year" selection in neither iPhone nor android.  But it can input any date style format in "Expire Date" in Windows edition.

I usually use "2/Mar/2004" style format because anybody recognize what date is.
If writing "2/3/04", it means...
February 3rd 2004 in North America
2nd March 2004 in the most of Europe
2002 March 4th in Japan and some Asia.
I can input data "2/Mar/2004" style format in Windows edition.  But if once editing in smartphone, the result is "2/3/2004" or "3/2/2004" depending on system.  It should be selectable word style month i.e., Mar, Apr, Jun in addition to just figure style 3,4,6 preventing from confusing and/or misreading.

The date function is very important field on password management software.
So, "Expire Date" in "Field Type" area should be able to select "date month year" style even in the smartphone application same as Windows edition.

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There are still two issues regarding "Expire Date" pull down in "Field Type" area.

1) It can not set "day" in smartphone edition.
Though it can set "day" in "Date" pull down in "Field Type" area in smartphone edition, it can NOT select "day" in "Expire Date".

2) It reflects wrong result as the below examples using PC edition.

Today is 2nd April 2021.

The below are NOT expired in Enpass, even they are expired

The below are EXPIRED in Enpass, even they are not yet coming date.

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