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Can't sync with OneDrive. Xed out on OneDrive logo


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Today I got a new device, it is a surface pro 7. One of the first things I do when I got a new device is installing enpass on it. This time i get an error when I try to restore my data from OneDrive. When I try to authentificate, this error appears: 

First of all, I thought it was the browser, but i wasn't. I cleared the cache of my web browser. I tried to install enpass in version 6.6.0. 

Can you help me fixing this error?



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I had a very similar problem today, along with several error messages, trying to authenticate OneDrive to sync previously saved Vault data (by another device) with a newly installed Enpass Password Manager 6.6.0. This was downloaded from Microsoft Store and I did not have a previous version on my computer.

Lukasaz1999, your trick with IE did the job, very clever and thank you for posting that!

However, I should urge Enpass to investigate this occurrence because the dependency on IE is not justified today. This browser is being deprecated by Microsoft and replaced with Edge. I suspect this issue is related to the API in use because authentication seemed to stumble over that. Thanks for your attention to this matter.

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Hey @Lukasaz1999 you are correct, other browsers may resolve this issue also. Once I fixed the issue I lost my interest in trying other solutions :-) But I believe this remains problematic if an API call is made or a browser is called for authentication and a new browser like Microsoft Edge fails. I am hopeful that Enpass will look into this and perhaps @Garima Singh will be so kind to provide feedback and follow up. All the best!

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