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Guide share vault between two devices with folder sync


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Can someone please provide a step by step guide on how to sync 1 vault between two devices by using a folder sync application? I'm using resilio for this.


I can create a new vault on one device and setup a sync via folder. I can see my .enpassdbsync file property shared between my devices.


However, when I try to set up the second device, there is no option to immediately setup a synced vault. This means that I have to create a second vault and then I can only setup a sync for that vault too.. I want to only have 1 vault, not 2.

If I try to restore the synced vault on my second device, it works fine but when I try to setup syncing, then it duplicates the vault file..

Could someone help please? Thanks!



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Hey @tideredshift

Welcome to the forum!

I understand that you are having this issue as there is no option to restore the data of the folder sync on the Welcome screen of Enpass. We have noted this for the improvement.

For a workaround, open Enpass on the second device as a new user from the Enpass welcome page and create a new vault using the same master password with which you are using Enpass on the first device. Now set-up folder sync with the vault on the second device.

Let me know if you have any queries.


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