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Card refresh of currently open card


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This feature request will fix some of the inefficiencies of setting up new accounts on PC, but then enabling 2FA which requires Enpass on phone to scan code, and then usually there are 2FA recovery codes to store, which you do on PC.

All of this requires PC to phone and phone to PC sync to be fast (Enpass is pretty good here but dependent on the Cloud you use)

But it also requires the card that you have open to be able to be refreshed, otherwise you have to close and re-open it which is annoying.

Here the sample workflow:

  1. Create account on PC and create new card in Enpass
  2. On PC, go into the new account's security setting and enable 2FA
  3. A code to scan is produced
  4. You get phone and open Enpass and hopefully it has all synced in the background and you open the new account card
  5. You scan QR code
  6. The website then produces some recover codes to store
  7. You go back to Enpass on PC and the account card you had just created is still open.. but no reflection of the 2FA you just added to the card on your phone
  8. You now have to close the card manually (actually if you leave it for about 5 mins it will eventually close the card automatically)
  9. Re-open the card (which should now have 2FA code) and add the 2FA recovery codes to the card.
  10. Save account card

So allowing a currently open card to refresh if it detects that the card has changed in background sync would cut out Steps 8 and 9.

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Hi @Anthony,

Thanks for sharing detailed steps.

You are absolutely correct that there should be no point in waiting for the changes to be pulled from cloud. But Enpass does allow you to manually trigger the sync from the Enpass setting to fetch the latest data from the cloud in your device. To manually trigger sync go to Enpass app vaults page and select Sync Now.

However, we do have plans to automate this in future. 

Please let me know if you need any help.

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