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b6.6.0 (765) - Enpass Assistant bugs, including frequently freezing when unlocking and/or failing to respond to CMD+/

100 Watt Walrus

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Hi folks,

For a long while now, Enpass Assistant has been unreliable at best for me:

  • CMD+/ doesn't do anything about half the time I use it, and I end up having to click the toolbar icon to activate Enpass Assistant
    • And it's not website-specific. I've had occasions on which I've logged into a site using Assistant, logged out, remembered something I needed to do there, and CMD+/ fails to activate when I'm logging back into the same site minutes after it worked the first time. This has also happened the other way around: CMD+/ fails on the first login, and works fine on the second.
  • Assistant never takes less than 10-15 seconds to unlock with my password, often takes 30+, and about 20% of the time takes 60+ seconds to unlock
    • This is frequently accompanied by the process-hanging "beachball" indicator
  • Sometimes it's impossible to get a cursor in the Assistant's search field
  • Sometimes Enpass Assistant can't find Enpass, even when it's running with the Main Window open

These problems occur across several browsers (Brave and Chrome are the ones I use most, but also Safari).

These problems can sometimes be resolved by quitting  Enpass.app and relaunching it...

But the CMD+/ and delayed-unlock problems occur multiple times every single day, even if I restart the app a few times, and are not new to b6.6.0 (765).

The latter two problems are far more rare, maybe every month or two, and I'm not sure if they occurred before 6.6.0 (765).

I'm sending Activity Monitor samples to support@ and will reference this thread.

I'm on MacOS 10.13.6 on a MacBook Pro 2010.


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My Assistant is v6.6.0, originally acquired on all browsers via enpass.io > Downloads > Extensions. Is a beta? If so, where do I get that?

I just checked in Enpass.app for the latest update, and it shows, not .775. I wonder why the app didn't notify me of the update? I've installed that and will reply ASAP with results, but where would I get .775 if not from within the app itself?


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