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How to re-enable 2FA banner for a specific item?


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I inadvertently dismissed the blue 2FA banner that shows at the top of 2FA-eligible items and it appears that once that has been dismissed (via the "don't save" button) the banner cannot be turned back on and the walkthrough to scan a QR code for that item is no longer available.  Is there any way to scan a QR code (or enable 2FA code saving) for an item after the banner has been dismissed?

Thank you.


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5 hours ago, Garima Singh said:

Hey @EightBitWhit

Welcome to the forum!

Yes. To do so, please go to the edit page of the item -> Tap on the QR button in One-time password field.


Thank you @Garima Singh!  I've been an Enpass user since 2015 and have upgraded to each tier as offered, as I really appreciate the value of the application and have *thoroughly* enjoyed the platform.  I've just recently started to move my 2FA accounts into my vault and immediately ran into this issue.

From your instructions, I see that this is for the mobile app, which would make sense.  I was asking from the frame of reference of the desktop app, but as long as I can re-capture at either endpoint, then I am satisfied since the desktop will sync the changes over from mobile.

Thank you!

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