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Germany - Login mit Zertifikatsdatei - ELSTER (Online-Finanzamt)


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Hallo Jürgen, 
ich werde mal so freundlich sein, dir das zu übersetzen, da dieses Forum auf Englisch ist :) Hoffe dir wird bald geholfen.

@EnpassTeam, i've translated his message, because this forum is english. 

Jürgen his message is the following;


"Hello, can I extract the login from the certificate file - ELSTER with the Enpass app and then log in with the password?
Thanks in advance for the answer.

*Note This is an official certificate from the German financial GOV
*Note I guess, he tries to extract the password from the certificate file.

Greetings and I hope I could help

Edited by Mr. Lukas
correction of my spelling
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Hey @Jürgen

Unfortunately, extracting the login credentials from a certificate file is not possible with Enpass.

To suggest a better solution, I would like to understand more about this situation. I'm assuming that you know the password of the specified website, and you want to auto-fill the password on this website after providing the certificate file. If it's so, you can try creating a new login item with password and the URL of the website, without any username. Now open this website and on opening Enpass extension, it should show you that item, selecting which will fill the password. You may also, disable auto-submit login from detail page of item, if it creates any problem.

@Mr. Lukas Thanks for translating and sharing these info.

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Hello Garima Singh,
Many thanks for the answer.
It is a pity that you cannot extract a certificate file, would be a very useful property from my point of view.
Couldn't this be incorporated into the next update?
With best regards
Edited by Jürgen
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