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Add cleanup options to audit


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While I know the audit page has been contentious, I see the value of it. What I feel is lacking is features within that to do things with the information that's not manual.

A prime example is identical passwords: sometimes this is because there's just duplicate entries (maybe you accidentally saved the app and website separate? maybe two different websites use the same login system, etc). It'd be great to have a merge option (wherever a field differs, copy it over as a new field), a suggested auto-merge button could be nice too (for entries where the only difference is that one has some additional fields over the other. Like one includes username & email while the other just has username)

I would also love an option to scan for outdated unnecessary entries. I have a lot of entries in my password database for sites that I'm pretty sure don't even exist any more. It'd be nice to be able to click a button and have it just check the site urls to see if they're even alive anymore (this could pretty easily incorporate with the feature for downloading website favicons). Though, I would recommend a feature as well to test for ISP intercepts of bad domains (either by using a check against a known unknown domain, like a fake subdomain of enpass.io, or by using dns-over-https, but obviously the latter would require more work)

Lastly, I was wondering if maybe when catching password updates it could potentially have an option to save the URL as a password change URL? This could be used in conjunction with auditing to have a quick password change button (visit site, auto-populate old password fields, auto generate a new password to put in)

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re: Identical Passwords

Agreed. This is annoying and distracting and makes me think something is wrong. My company infrastructure uses a common Identity Management system, and auth to several hosts and applications will use the same source (LDAP/AD/RedHat IDM).

Feature suggestion vs "Identical Passwords": A "toggle" to ignore duplicates on the entry would be appropriate.





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