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Purchased life membership but not able to set Enpass up on my iMac


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After I purchased Enpass, I made a password and used it to open the product. Here is where I hit a snag. It let me sign in but then I was unable to input any information. Screen shot shows what I see. I cannot get past this screen. What is wrong?

Enpass Setup.png

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Hey @mfasy

Thanks for reaching out to us.

Did you try clicking on the check mark icon given at the right top. If no, please click on the same icon, you will get the option to add items within Enpass. A snapshot for your reference is attached.

If this doesn't help, please try this workaround and share your findings:

1.  Take the backup of all Enpass data if you have any.

2. Quit the Enpass app.

3. Open this folder on your mac: /Users/ ${USERNAME}/Library/Containers/in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.App/Data/Library/Preferences/

Where $ {USERNAME} is the name of the home folder on your Mac.

4. Delete these files

  • in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.plist
  • in.sinew.Enpass.plist
  • in.sinew.Enpass-Desktop.App.plist 

5. Now, open the Enpass application and check.

Hope this helps!

Enpass setup.jpg

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