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I am using enpass on all my devices except one.
I have a phone running GrapheneOS, it does not have google play services.  Because of this Enpass crashes if you attempt to login/provide your email (I can import passwords from a cloud provider without issue).

This is a problem because without logging into my enpass pro email, enpass only lists 10 passwords.
I would request support for GrapheneOS/AOSP Android without play services, or if you can provide me more details on what parts of google play services Enpass is using, I could try to install MicroG or some other Play Services like service to try to get GrapheneOS close enough to Google Android so Enpass will start.


Thanks for your time

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If the dev team is willing to point me in the right direction on what part of the services api are in use for registration I'm willing to look into how I can provide equivalent features via MicroG, I suspect cloud messaging is used at the least.
Otherwise I can just start running logcat to try to figure out what I need to add, but at that point I would have to move to bitwarden or something in the meantime. 

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