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Issues when changing a password

Oscar A. Mata T.

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This is not new, this issue exists on Linux and Mac versions. This time happened when using the tool that helps user to change a password, it shows the window with the password generator, when I click the button it shows the right record, where the password must be updated. After this I search the just saved record and it is not saved, but Enpass changes another non related at all record with the same password, the worst is that the password what I changed is in a totally different vault that the wrong saved record. This is a mess.

I just want to know, WHEN will Enpass developers be put tehir house in order.I'm experiencing this problem for more than 2 years, and the quality of the software is just getting WORST.

Here in this forum are a lot of good people that are very polite, when aboarding issues from frustrated users like me, please save your words, I just want to know if this issue will be fixed.

BTW: I'm experiencing additional issues wehn tried to find identical passwords, the list was totally empty, when there are more than 160 identical passwords. Can't believe that it is a paid software.


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