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Enpass doesn't work, in ANY regard on ANY platform


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So, I've used enpass for years on multiple computers with different OS's.

About a year ago, enpass stopped working across all devices in the chrome browser. All OS's (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora), all chrome browsers, all enpass extensions do NOT work, whatsoever. I honestly don't know what the code to these even does cause, these extensions actually look like they do nothing. It just sits there like there's no code in it. I've tried to message support about this but making accounts with enpass is next to impossible now.

Then recently, I installed Fedora and Enpass and, now, it is impossible to copy and paste within Enpass app.

I am now storing my new passwords in a text file on my desktop because it's the only place I can put them.

Finally, in order to communicate this to ANYONE, I had to make an account, which is precisely what I cannot do anywhere.

I'm fed up. Enpass has not been working in the browser for more than a year and, now, it's unusable altogether.

ALL my passwords are store in enpass but I'm switching. This software simply DOES. NOT. WORK.

I will not be replying to this post. I'm too exhausted and I don't have the password to this account.

Enpass, you have my email, you can email me if you need anything. 

Otherwise, I'm honestly so tired and exhausted dealing with this software, I don't have the energy to try make you guys better. This software is so bad, I honestly feel you all should just quit and find new work. You can't even copy/paste in Enpass and browser extensions have been dead for more than a year without you guys noticing. EVERYTHING about this app is utterly and completely useless now...NOT an exaggeration!

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10 hours ago, John Doe said:

Obviously the software works for the majority of people else this would have been a major issue. I have been using Enpass on Chrome across Mac, Windows and Chromebook - no problem

Yep. Certainly there's a problem to be resolved, but if the problem was that "enpasssucks," there wouldn't be only one person reporting the problem. And these forums aren't the only way to contact Enpass: https://www.enpass.io/contact-us/. (Maybe that's what OP means by " I've tried to message support," but I've never had any trouble getting help via the email addy on that page (granted it's been a long time since I've had a problem to report).

I hope OP is able to get some help.

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