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Syncing on Android to Nextcloud creates a 0 Byte vault file

Rainer Holland

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after using enpass years flawless, my wife has the problem that under certain circumstances the vault is empty (0kb) on Nextcloud after syncing from her android (Samsung A3 2017 Android 8). The vault on the phone seems ok, but syncing from this state doesn't repair the vault on Nextcloud. After Syncing from another computer, all seems ok.
Syncing from the mobile works syncing from several pc works flawless. After a few hours, the same problem occurs. The Problem happens first on syncing with WebDAV on the Nextcloud. I change to Nextcloudsync (That moves also the vault folder on the Nextcloud). Same Problem on the dedicated Nextcloud connection.
Myself I have nearly the same setup I use a Samsung S10+ on Android 11 (Same EnPass version ( ), same Nextcloud, different account. The problem doesn't occur on my setup.

For troubleshooting, I've tried several things:
1. Disable directory of Nextcloud to the enpass folder.
2. Reset the enpass app on the mobile  clear data and cache (I know the data and cache should be empty after the first step), then uninstall the app. The reinstallation of the app.

Has someone a hint what I can try further or is there a real bug.


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Till now I had the same issue (0kb file after syncing form phone). I had renamed vault-files in the nextcloud enpass folder (_vault.enpassdbsync) to have a backup on previous snyc trials. I now deleted all files in the nextcloud enpass folder, except the vault.enpasdbsync file. For now it seems to work. I hope this will hold on. It seems that the app only allows one file in the nextcloud enpass folder. Maybe you also have other files in this folder.

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