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Annoying new form listener...

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How can I turn off the new Enpass form listener that pops up and makes it almost impossible to use any web-form? It should be presenting itself only for login fields, but it's not...it appears at all kinds of annoying moments. It's annoying as heck and there seems to be no way to completely disable it.

I've been using Enpass for 5+ years on 5 different platforms and super ready to ditch it now :)

I have attached an example of it hi-jacking a random blog comment form. In the case of drop-downs it makes it almost impossible to select an option.

Screenshot 2021-09-15 182235.png

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There is something wrong with the latest version in regards to the autofill popup.
Every time I log in to a site, Enpass pops up unnecessarily even though I already have the login details pre-filled from my browser.

I am using Firefox. I am not sure if it happens with other browsers.


Edit: I have just had an update to v6.72.886.0, and my problem appears to be gone.

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Hi @Toby Humphrey

You're not using the stable version of Enpass Extension. It seems you might have initially installed it from our old beta channel on Chrome Web-Store which was discontinued long back. The pop-up that obscured your auto-fill flow is an experimental feature that slipped into your extension through that channel. We advise you to remove this extension from Chrome and install the latest stable version from the Chrome Web Store.
Sorry for the mix-up. Happy auto-filling using Enpass!



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