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Need to re-setup Enpass every few days


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I'm experiencing the weird behavior that Enpass loses all settings every few days. Thus, I need to reconnect to Firefox, reestablish the Sync with Dropbox, reconfigure all settings, ...

This is very annoying and happens on both of my Linux machines, running elementary OS 5 and 6, respectively (based on Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04).

How can I solve this problem? What additional information do you need to debug?

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Hi @der_grund,

Welcome to the Enpass community.

For quick troubleshooting I would recommend you to follow the below-mentioned steps and share your findings with me.

  1. Disconnect Sync from all devices that are synced with dropbox.
  2. Open Dropbox on any browser on your device--> Go to App--> Enpass folder-->Vault.enpassdbsync--> Rename it as Old vault.enpassdbsync.
  3. Now open Enpass and connect with dropbox Sync on all devices.

Also make sure that Enpass application is running in the background when you are using the browser extension.

  • Open Enpass App--> Go to "Settings" --> Click on "General"--> Enable both options under “Run“ (Minimize app to system tray and Open Automatically at system startup).


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Hi @Gulshan Dogra,

sorry for the delay. I'm using enpass/stable,now amd64, installed from your Ubuntu repository as described here: https://www.enpass.io/support/kb/general/how-to-install-enpass-on-linux/.

Unfortunately, I can't send the logs because they get lost along with all the settings. Can you tell me where the logs are stored on disk so maybe I can find them although I can't access them from within Enpass?


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Thanks for sharing the Enpass version.

To help us diagnose this error further, could you please perform these steps with the website version of the Enpass app.

  1. Disconnect the vaults from syncing.
  2. Enable logs by following the steps-  Open Enpass --> Settings --> Advanced --> Logs --> Enable it.
  3. Then setup sync again with Dropbox and wait for error.
  4. When you receive an error --> Go to Advanced settings --> Logs --> Copy the Logs in any text editor and share with us here over PM or via mail at support@enpass.io


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