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Only the first sync with Dropbox after a restart is successful

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Hi there,

I've noticed recently that I'm having issues synchronizing my vault with Dropbox.

I used UWP version and I thought that might be the issue, so I've removed that one and installed a standalone app, but that is exhibiting the same issue.

When started the app will sync with Dropbox, but after the first sync it will just get stuck with a Synchronizing... message.

I kill the app, start it again, it synchronizes once and then the next synchronization hangs again.

Have you seen this behavior before? Attaching a screenshot (removed my email from it).

The issue happens only on Windows 11, not on Windows 10.

2021-11-02_000076 - Enpass.png

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Added OS details.
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Hello @voyager,

Thank you for reporting the presence of this issue about not being able to sync with DropBox. It seems like the Enpass data on DropBox has some issues and there could be many reasons behind this. I would suggest you perform the following steps and let me know the results. 

  1. Make sure you have a manual backup of your data on your devices. 
  2. Disconnect the DropBox sync from all your devices.
  3. Open DropBox app or in the browser → Open Enpass folder → Select vault.enpassdbsync file → Rename it as oldvault.enpassbdsync.
  4. Reconnect Windows first and if that synced perfectly sync other devices.
  5. If sync starts to work fine, you can delete the renamed old backup file from Dropbox.
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