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After Update hotkey opens new tab in browser - entry with more URLs


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After the last Enpass update (on Windows 10) there is a very annoying "feature".

My entry in Enpass is a SSO login (1 username, 1 password) but different URLs (examples):


username: abc
password: xyz
url1: https://www.google.de
url2: https://www.google.com
url3: https://www.google.uk

Now when I open "url3" from my chrome browser favorites and press my new hotkey (this is also very annoying - no more CTRL + /  ) Enpass always opens a new browser tab with url1 and don't fill the main tab with my username and password.

Before the update it works very fine. I also tried it with different Enpass entries but everywhere the same phenomenon.

I actually thought this would be the perfect solution for me so I don't have to create the same SSO login several times for each URL.

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It seems that issue is with website login detection when you are pressing shortcut to autofill. The extension detects that no login form present as all the above mentioned websites are search engine webistes rather than login pages, so it opens a new tab for auto-filling.

I hope this explains this scenario else share the saved webpage with us so that I can assist you better.


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