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New version installed, but autofill doesn't work


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I installed the latest version of Enpass (6.7.4) but the new autofill does not work. Autofill only works the old way by clicking on the extension icon in Safari. Both the app and the extension have version 6.7.4. Am I overlooking something?

I am using a 2017 iMac 27" with MacOS Big Sur 11.6.1 and Safari 14.1.2


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It isn't turned on by default. You need to go into the browser plugin settings to turn that feature on if you want it. If you use Safari's password filling feature and Enpass you should only have one of those two turned on for inline filling, or they will get in each others way visually (just as it does for 1Password).

Make sure the Enpass extension is enabled in Safari, then select the hamburger menu item on the bottom left:


Select Settings from the popup menu that appears. 

Then click Browser Settings.

Then click the Safari Browser button at the top of the window:


This will open a new settings window as a tab in Safari. 

In that window, turn on the switch next to the Show Inline Autofill Popup Menu item: 



From then on you'll see an Enpass logo on login/password fields similar to the way you see a key if you have Safari's password filling feature turned on.

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