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issues on iOS


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So for me the experience on iOS is not good, these issues are all with Safari:


- It never offers to save any passwords, so the only way to add items is to add them manually. On Windows if you login to a website Enpass offers to add the item.

- For some websites, enpass offers to login, but if you click it it does face id and doesn't actually fill out the form. Example below. This site works in Edge but not Safari.


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Hi @halbot,

I certainly understand your concern about autosave and autofill functionality on iOS with the Safari browser.

About the autosave: Enpass autosave feature for iOS works partially on some apps/website however, we do have plans to improve this feature and it will be available in future versions. Hence, manually saving data is the only way if autosave does not work. 

About the autofill: I have shared the autofill issue on the given website with the concerned team to investigate it further. Your patience is highly appreciated here. 
In the meantime, please help us with the details of the Enpass version on iOS and Safari version.


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