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Multiple Vaults even though Multiple Vaults NEVER setup


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There is a bad inconsistency on Mac.  If you download the app from the Mac App Store it appears that Enpass sets up a vault in the user's Documents folder AND automatically turns on ICloud Drive support for Enpass.

Then, if you create a Primary Vault on Dropbox the previous Vaults still exist in the file system and still be synced by ICloud. it is not clear whether these Vaults are ever accessed by the Enpass app and there is no way to tell.  The folder structure is different. In Documents/Enpass we find:









In Dropbox we find:





Are both of these needed?  Should the Enpass folders in Documents be deleted to avoid duplication?

Note that I NEVER setup multiple vaults, never used Wifi Sync, and never used Folder Sync.

Further, nothing about this duplication is documented ANYWHERE. YOU MUST DOCUMENT EVERY DETAIL ABOUT THE LOCATION OF VAULTS.

This all seems highly risky!

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Hi @Lewisl

When you download the Enpass application to your Desktop, a path is created in the user's Documents folder. Enpass is an offline password manager, so we do not have access to your data, and all your vault information is stored on your device.

If you synchronize your data with DropBox (or another) cloud server, your data is encrypted and stored in your cloud account. You can use the copy to synchronize your information across your other devices, or if you have a hardware issue, you will always have a backup.

Note - Enpass does not automatically synchronize your data with iCloud( or any) cloud server when you download the app. Syncing your data requires user credentials that the user can only input.

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