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Block Grammarly for Windows from being triggered in Enpass


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Not sure if you were aware, but Grammarly for Windows, a replacement for their desktop editor, is an app that detects and corrects text entries in almost any application. On trying the app, I discovered that entering text into the Enpass desktop software 6.7.4 (935) and browser extension (6.7.4) was detected by Grammarly!

While the text I entered into Enpass did not appear in the Grammarly app it certainly recognized I was (A) using an app and (B) was entering text. The unknown is whether the text entered is still registered by Grammarly (i.e. sent to their servers), and simply not displayed, or whether it truly can't 'see' what I'm typing. While a user can manually prevent Grammarly from working with specific apps, that's not its default.

To test if other password manager software was also detected, I tried Bitwarden's desktop software, and found entering text did not trigger the Grammarly app. So I'm unsure whether that is purely 'luck', or something Bitwarden has employed in their software. There are other apps I've found that Grammarly doesn't detect, so it's more likely just luck, that Bitwarden isn't detected.

I bring this to your attention, so you're aware of a potential security issue raised by anyone considering installing the Grammarly app alongside Enpass. I don't know whether there is anything that can be done, but if you were able to clarify the situation directly with Grammarly, that would be immensely helpful. 

Thank you.

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