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Cannot enable OneDrive sync - "The sync with OneDrive was canceled by the user"


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I am setting up Enpass on a new Microsoft Surface Duo 2 (Android 11, Enpass and running into problems enabling OneDrive sync.

When I select OneDrive from the Sync with list Enpass immediately produces a dialog with "The sync with OneDrive was canceled by the user".
It does also launch the default browser and go through the Microsoft Account login authorization on the other screen, but even when I get to the Enpass page (auth.enpass.io/onedrive/?code=<long string>) with Authorization Finished! and the Redirect button, Enpass doesn't respond and so I'm left with no OneDrive sync.

I've tried this process with both Edge and Chrome as the default browser, but I get the same result.

Any ideas on how I can proceed here?


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Hi @Anthony,

Thank you for reporting the presence of this issue. I have shared it all with the concerned team for further investigation. Your patience is greatly appreciated here. Also, please confirm if you are facing this issue with other cloud services and try to use Firefox as your default browser. In case, you are facing the same behavior, please follow this FAQ and share the results.  


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