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Control Shift Period reserved for Firefox containers


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As a heads up, control + shift + period is reserved for Firefox containers. I simply disabled the plugin since I don't use it enough, but I believe Enpass should be aware of the issue. Maybe there's a way for the program to see if any keyboard shortcuts have already been reserved and notify the user about it?

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Hi @rthomp,

Welcome to the Enpass community.

I would like to share that Ctrl+Shift+Period is working as expected to activate Enpass extension in Firefox Browser. We understand there'll be a little inconvenience in setting new shortcuts and getting accustomed to them, but for a better autofill experience using keyboard shortcuts, Enpass extension lets the browser control the keyboard shortcuts natively. It also makes sure our extensions work seamlessly in long term with the respective browsers and don't interfere with their default shortcuts.image.thumb.png.bd7f7202376741922a9e4057f1b46828.png

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To open a new tab in a specific container, replace the letter T with the number of the container. Example: If you want to open a new tab in the 6th container, use Ctrl + Alt + 6. This can also be used for reloading tabs in its corresponding container, which is useful if you landed on a page in the Google container, but want to open the site outside of that container.

To reload the current tab in a different container, use Ctrl + Shift + [number]. Say you're on a website that uses Google's OAuth login system (e.g. Udemy), you may to open that in the Google container to avoid signing in to another container. If your Google Container is the 5th one in the list, the command for that will be Ctrl + Shift + 5.



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