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Save password generation rules per account


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Not sure if this is already a requested feature but as a long time Enpass user I have a request that gets annoying sometimes.

I try to update my passwords once a year. But unfortunately, every website has their own password rule w.r.t what special chars are allowed/not-allowed, what is the password length etc... and sometimes I find out these rules after trying to set password (and failing multiple times) that they don't support some particular character(s).

Enpass has a generate button which makes it easy to generate the passwords on the fly for an account. It would be great if enpass could remember what the rules were when I last updated a password for an account (not in general but account specific) and have the generate button pick it up, including the pronounceable, "included", "excluded", character types, minimum char type and password length fields.

Right now I am saving the rules in the notes section of the account info, but it's irritating as the "include" chars text field does not allow copy/pasting so I need to type the chars each time. Sometimes that is a long list of chars that I don't want to type and I give up after only a few chars which limits the special chars in my password.

I feel this is a low-hanging fruit for a feature addition which would encourage people to change password more often.

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