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inconsistency for 2FA exceptions


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When Enpass identifies a site that supports 2FA, you have a blue banner that allows you to exempt the particular item from the audit (Don't save).

Hitting that button the fields and values will be different depending on if exemption is being made on Enpass for Android or Enpass for Desktops:

When exempted in Desktop (Microsoft Store edition, v.6.7.4): Fieldname: "2FA", value: "<random>".

When exempted in Android app v. 6.7.1), fieldname: "Two FA Type", value "other".

Also, neither of these fieldnames are visible in the Desktop app, only in the mobile app?

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21 hours ago, Gulshan Dogra said:

Hi @Ivarson,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Unfortunately, from your comment, we could not quite understand what feature you are requesting. Please share some more details so that we can assist you better.

I'll try again.

  1. You're making an exception for the 2FA-warning on an item within the Desktop app: 1.thumb.png.d12663c222f857716ef044823eaef99b.png
  2. After clicking 'Save' above, and checking the fields (again on the desktop), there are no field or markers visible to indicate it has been exempted:2.thumb.png.106c8bb742abe93de0f798f394dd553f.png
  3. If checking the same item on a synced Android device, a field is present as '2FA':
  4. If I would've made the 2FA audit exception in the Android app instead of in the Desktop app, the field (still only visible in the Android app), would've been called 'Two FA Type' as shown below:

So, it's probably bug reports rather than feature request,

A. The field names for 2FA-audit exceptions are not consistently named when created in different apps.

B. The neither of the exception-fields are visible in the Desktop app, making it impossible to search or revoke the 2FA-exceptions in the desktop app.

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Hi @Ivarson,

Thank you for contacting Enpass.

I appreciate you taking the time to provide a detailed explanation of the 2FA inconsistency. Please be assured that I have noted your feedback and it has been forwarded to the concerned team for further investigation. In the meantime, I truly appreciate your patience and support.  


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