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Automated completion of username and e-mail when creating an item


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I found that when I create an item, the username and e-mail automatically retrieve the information of other items so that I can select them directly.
However, I have two computers and one of them does not have this feature in Enpass, is there a switch for this feature?


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@Manish Chokwal
I think you got my question wrong.
My problem is with autocomplete in the Enpass application, not autocomplete at web login.
I have two computers and one of them has autocomplete when creating a new item, but the other does not, and I can't find where to set this up.

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So this is a new feature only available in 6.8.0?
I thought one of the computers was already up to date because it didn't tell me it was up to date.
Also, I don't know why 6.7.2 kept telling me the file was corrupted when I used the software's built-in auto-update, so I had to download the installation file from the website.
Now I have autocomplete, thanks.

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