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Enpass requires master password


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Enpass requires master password every few hours.

This has been happening since 6.7

I've turned off all the apps and checked the battery and permissions settings. 

This does not happen with the APK mirror 6.7 version. 

What else could be causing the app to reset?


OnePlus 5T Android 11 LinageOS 18.1-20220503-Nightly-dumpling

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Hi @troypulk1

Depending on your Enpass Settings, the app will prompt you to enter your master password to access your database. You can review those settings in your Android Enpass app Settings -> Security and disable 'Lock on Leaving' feature (Enpass will require credentials to unlock once the app is no longer in the foreground ) or change the timing of 'Lock after' (Select a time period after which Enpass will require credentials to unlock).

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I have these set to

Lock on Leaving is unchecked

Lock after 10 minutes

The permissions are set to just Files and media which is default

Not to display over other apps (I've tried both ways it doesn't matter)

The Battery is not optimized

I also have a PIN set

The PIN works but like I said the master PW is required after some times 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Does Enpass have an internal setting that is not changeable to reset after a period of time?


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Hi @troypulk1

As per my understanding, you are expecting a full time PIN unlock behavior where Enpass will never ask you for Master password even if killed by OS. I would like to share that Enpass requires Master Password in following scenarios even if the PIN is enabled:

  1. When the app is closed manually.
  2. Device is rebooted.
  3. When too many apps are active in device background (in this case OS automatically kills some apps to claim memory).

Could you please also check whether Battery Optimization is disabled for the Enpass app?

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I stated in my prior post that the Enpass app Battery setting is not optimized.

You said:

"a full time PIN unlock behavior where Enpass will never ask you for Master password even if killed by OS."

This thought is incorrect, my thought is that the PIN setting should work as advertised but it's not functioning correctly because the Enpass app is getting reset for some reason when it should not.

I'm trying to figure out why the app is resetting.

What would cause the OS to kill the app besides memory usage? What settings should I look at?

This is not an issue:

When too many apps are active in device background (in this case OS automatically kills some apps to claim memory).

Thanks again 


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