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Is the backup encrypted?


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I want to save a copy of my vault for just in case scenario to be safe. I am wondering if the back up is encrypted and safe to be stored in a cloud storage online?

I made export but export says its not encrypted. I chose backup from file menu and it showed it can be backed up to a file called .enpassfilevault or something similar. If it matters I am storing it on Filen.io . Is this encrypted or what?


I know you can sync the vault from multiple cloud services, but I think it will be good feature if you can have a backup option with drop menu to a cloud storage of your choice. So if you go to backup it has a drop down menu to your accounts from different cloud services, or you can set it up to backup to a specific cloud service at a set of intervals. Currently it does so but on a single location of your choice, which is local drive for me.




My other question is that the backup file does not seem to be opened by Enpass, will it only open if I chose to import it from the file menu or restore it from the backup preferences? how does this work?

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Hi @flyingbirds

The backup file created by going to Enpass Menu -> File -> Backup is encrypted. Exporting a file, which can be done by going to the Enpass Menu -> File -> Export, however, does not encrypt the data. Upon creating a new vault/on the app's welcome screen, you can choose Restore from Backup File option to restore the backup file.

Regarding saving the manual backup file on the cloud storage of the user's choice, I have forwarded your comments as feedback to the dedicated team so they may check the feasibility of this feature and look into implementing it for future Enpass versions. Thanks for your continued support and patience in the meantime.


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Hi flyingbirds

I sync my main vault with one cloud, via the Enpass app, and the auto-generated backup files to a second cloud simply by syncing a custom backup folder.

You mentioned you're using filen. As I understand, filen's desktop sync client is being updated to permit the syncing of custom folders. You will then be able to set up your chosen Enpass backup folder as a dedicated filen sync folder. 

An encrypted backup vault file, together with e-mail, master password and (key file if used), will allow you to restore your vault if your original vault file isn't available. You import the backup file, when setting up Enpass as a new installation.

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