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Exclude Audit & Trash bin


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Cant find how to retrieve items from the trash bin and neither how to exclude items from the audit and also not how to re-include them (I have excluded some in the past so atleast it did work for me at some point).. using the newest version on my macbook.

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Hi @Ingenius,

Welcome to the Enpass Community.

Answer to your queries is mentioned below:

  1. You can retrieve items from the Trash by: Open Trash bin--> Select an item--> Right Click-->Restore.
  2. You can exclude items from Audit by: Click on Audit--> Select an item --> Right Click--> Exclude from Password Audit.
  3. You can re-include item once you have excluded by: Click on Audit--> Scroll down to Excluded list--> Select an item--> Right Click--> Include in Password Audit.
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