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Stopping Enpass creating a window when app gets focus


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An annoyance I have with Enpass is if the app is switched to with Alt+tab, and no enpass window is open, a new one is automatically created. This gets really irritating when Enpass is the "previous app" and you accidentally switch to it, when just trying to quickly switch browser -> vscode, or similar. It's like a plague of enpass windows constantly getting in the way. Is there any way to disable this other than just quitting the app when not in use?

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Hi @Benji

Welcome to the Enpass community.

Please share the following details, so that I can assist you better in this.

  1. On which device (along with OS version) are you using Enpass?
  2. Which Enpass version are you using? (Also, have you downloaded it from store or from our website).
  3. If possible, share the screen-recorded video of the issue you are facing?
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