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Enpass not connecting with Firefox add-on in new build Ubuntu Studio 22.04 computer


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I have a newly built AMD64 architecture desktop computer running Ubuntu Studio 22.04LTS. I'm an Enpass Pro user and installed it right away, but it won't connect with the Firefox add-on. The add-on says that it cannot find the Enpass desktop app, even when it is running and available. I haven't been able to find any specific instructions on this situation. Advice requested.


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Hey @ehbowen,

I understand your concern about not being able to use the Enpass extension. There are several things that can cause this issue like browser updates in the background or a firewall or any other app, etc. In order to resolve this issue, I suggest you try the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are using the latest Enpass version and extension.
  2. Open Enpass main app → Browser setting → Enable the extension.
  3. Open Enpass main app → Browser setting → Review Browser → Select Browser extension → Remove/Delete → Open browser → Pair Enpass extension.
  4. You can also try to reinstall the Enpass extension. 

[Tip: Before using the Enpass extension, make sure its main app is running in the background.]


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I've solved the same problem.

1. remove installed enpass.

$ sudo apt remove enpass

2. install the enpass of recent version as following this instruction from official enpass website.



3. Run enpass linux desktop application that you've just installed, and click firefox enpass add-on.


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Hey developers, you may have an issue on your hands.  There may be some problems with sync when Enpass is installed in a non-package manner.

I had the same problem, running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.  Initially I installed it using the SNAP system (clicked on the Ubuntu start button, searched for "software", and clicked on Ubuntu Software).  It seemed to install fine and started right up without error, however while the Enpass client was running it simply would not connect to the extension on my Vivaldi browser.  I uninstalled, used the apt-get instructions at the top of this post, and restarted the client.  All my settings from the previous install were still there only this time everything worked out of the box.  

In each case the fix was to uninstall the other package installs and install via apt-get.

Mint I believe uses Flatpak while Ubuntu 22.04 uses Snap.  I know for a fact on Ubuntu 20.04 that the Snap installs use different paths for its files and does not have permission to see other folders in the user's Home directory.

This may be a problem going forward as more distros move to Snap by default.  Just sayin'.

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